Afortiori Development was formed in response to the need for change that is critical to the future of clinical trial design, planning and management. Innovation in the conduct of clinical trials is required if there is to be effective improvement in the cost and time taken to plan and deliver a clinical trial. We present a new opportunity to work with a group of experienced professionals who are committed to stewardship, integrity and excellence.


We know that commercialisation of any new medical product or technology is a regulated, complex and often long process, requiring reliable data to support uptake into healthcare. We provide professional guidance on the development of clinical testing strategies and believe that this is a critical first step.

We support you throughout every step of the clinical trial process, but firmly believe through years of experience that careful planning and risk mitigation at the very beginning will best support the success of your clinical research programme. We do this in partnership with you and in a way that you fully understand. This allows your resources to be used in a planned and adaptive way, minimising inefficiency and moving you forward step by step according to the evidence base.

We assist you in maintaining control of your product data and can help you reach out to experts in your field who can provide specific scientific or medical advice on trial design.

We understand healthcare settings in Ireland and the UK so that you can plan clinical trials aimed at your potential markets.


 Our mission is to provide services and education to companies in support of running smart and efficient clinical trials. We work with a range of organisations to design the best clinical trial for your product.


Clinical Development Strategy Planning

We offer our extensive knowledge of the commercialisation pathway to assist your organisation in planning a clinical development strategy.


Clinical Trial Planning & Managment

We work in partnership with your organisation to plan and execute the right trial for your product.


Clinical Trial Training

We provide training to your organisation to enable you to have a fundamental platform of understanding that will impact the success of your clinical trial. This can be provided through workshops or one on one training.


Bespoke Advisory Services

We provide bespoke consulting services in a range of areas including strategic planning, project management and resourcing to ensure that you have the right expertise available when required.

We are experienced in adult, paediatric and neonatal clinical research and have worked in primary and secondary healthcare settings.


Delivering informed,evidence based clinical research

“Our approach is different. Each of our staff has extensive experience in the management and execution of clinical trials and believe that through a better,
innovative approach with a transparent costing and pricing model for healthcare research studies we can do better, together.”
– Nicola Wall, PhD. Chief Executive Officer.

Biopharmaceutical Companies

Clinical trials are at the centre of the development process for new drugs and improved therapies. Designing and managing these trials effectively from the outset is critical to the success of potential breakthrough products. This requires knowledge and expertise complemented by exceptional project management capability. We are particularly keen to facilitate research into orphan indications which are often overlooked and require specialist project oversight.

Wearable Technology Companies

Medical software, wearable technology and mobile technology all have the potential to revolutionise how we effectively manage health and wellness. This growing market has incredible potential to improve quality of life for everyone. There is an important opportunity for companies to provide evidence on the usability and benefits of these products through clinical trials. While some of this technology may not legally require clinical testing, we believe that there are significant advantages to providing evidence of benefit through the clinical trial process.

Medical Device Companies

Companies constantly strive to innovate and improve the delivery of healthcare through medical device advances. The last decade has led to the development of state-of-the-art medical devices and advancement in the healthcare industry.  Changing EU regulations have significantly impacted clinical trials for device companies. Supporting this process with appropriate clinical trial design and implementation is a core part of our offering.

Foundations & Patient Groups

Many charities and not-for-profit organisations fund, drive and facilitate clinical research into new and improved treatments and therapies. They form a critical part of the research infrastructure and are often involved in priority setting partnerships with patients, carers and families. They are able to provide patient and public involvement in research design to ensure that clinical trials are likely to recruit and retain participants. We are committed to providing these groups with a research partnership driven by integrity where commercial considerations are not the driving force.

CRO Partnerships

We have a presence in Ireland and the UK for existing clinical research organisations (CROs) currently without representation in this region. We will work with you to facilitate the full feasibility and successful execution of a trial, using our existing site relationships and knowledge of the local regulatory system. We can also link up with other clinical research service providers in other countries to offer you the widest possible scope.

Industry Organisations

There are a range of organisations that exist to support many of our clients in the clinical development journey. We provide training and ad hoc advisory services in partnership with these organisations in support of our mission to improve the overall landscape for clinical trials.

Investment Community

We understand that many of our smaller clients are funded by a range of individuals and organisations. The value of this investment is directly linked to the success of their client’s clinical development strategy. This is because the clinical development strategy will inform the right development and clinical trial pathway for that product. We work with investors to provide this service to their clients and mitigate risk in the long term.

Technology Transfer Offices

In addition to the investment community, our third level institutions also work with newly emerging spin out companies that require support in terms of clinical development strategies. Many of these very early stage companies require help in the determination of the right clinical development plan for their product created in partnership with experts. This means that their product is given a thorough review in terms of its potential/risks. This is the best start that any new company could wish for in the healthcare space.


Meet The Team

Designing and managing  clinical  trials is  critical to  the  success of any product. This requires knowledge and expertise complemented by exceptional project management capability. The Afortiori Development Team has over 100 years of healthcare, clinical trial design and management experience.

Chief Executive Officer

Nicola Wall

Chief Operating Officer

Elizabeth Ralph

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Clinical Research Associate

Mary Wall

Interim Chief Business Development Officer

Deirdre Foley Woods

VP Marketing

Sunjiv Sharma


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Join Afortiori as a unique panel of industry experts present the key issues for consideration around intellectual property, new regulations and reimbursement planning for every business on their product development pathway.

DATE:  Monday 23rd October 2017
VENUE:  PorterShed, Eyre Square, Galway City, H91 HY51


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